Superyacht Nanny Coaching



I’m Ella – Superyacht Nanny and coach with oodles of experience onboard!

Yachting is a unique world, I will make sure you are ready and know what to expect! (It is intense but it truly is amazing). I offer coaching support to help nannies transition into roles onboard. In short, coaching covers everything you need to know, especially the specifics that even Google doesn’t have the answer to.

How coaching works:

I have been in the industry for a long time, I want to share all my tips and advice (some of which I have learnt the hard way), so everything goes swimmingly for you!

I offer coaching support to nannies looking to find childcare roles onboard super yachts. We meet online for a 90 minute session – typically one session is sufficient, but if not, we can schedule more time together. We worki through my presentation , starting with how to find a role and what the requirements are, all the way through to finishing the contract and flying privately back to the family residence. We cover EVERYTHING and answer all your questions and little bits and pieces you are unsure about (there are no silly questions – it is much better to ask me, than to do something strange onboard).

A snapshot of what we will cover:

Know how to present yourself as the best candidate for the role – CV, cover letter, interview advice
Be connected to the roles, as you know where to find them
What to pack, uniform, logistics, children’s supplies
Have totally confidence in what you are doing. You will know what to expect, what to wear, how to handle yourself, how to navigate challenges onboard.
Be prepared for all that UHNW clients might bring your way and be already organised for the curve balls that come.
As well as everything in between!

As well as the session, I also do CV feedback, so once you have updated your CV based on my advice, I offer feedback on how to further improve it and any tweaks I recommend. I’m also then available to you throughout the summer to answer any questions you may have as you go.

The sessions are 90 mins long, online and cost £145, which includes two months WhatsApp message support and CV servicing. I’m attaching below a little snapshot of what we cover in the coaching session. (I offer the Whatsapp support as there is a lot of info to take in during a 90 min session).

The first step I always like to take when working with a new client, is for you to send me your CV, from this, I can review it and see how best we can move forwards with you working onboard yachts.

Note: I only work with clients who are in the right space to transition into superyacht roles. Typically this requires at leat five years childcare experience in addition to travel nanny and UHNW client experience. Having said this,I do work with clients to support them in moving into UHNW client or travel nanny roles. There are lots of overlap areas and I want to help you reach your goals!

Once we are both confident that the coaching is a good fit for both parties, we schedule a time and you are welcome to send across any queries or focus areas you would like covered in the session.

If you would like to book a Superyacht Nanny coaching session or have any queries, please do get in touch with me (Ella) either via or via Instagram at @superyachtnanny