How to become a superyacht nanny

Superyacht mast
I'm Ella, with over nine years’ experience in yachting, seven of which as a superyacht nanny, I have a wealth of expertise in childcare roles and stew life onboard.

From growing up sailing, and being passionate about the arts (and crafts) to my love of helping people. I am excited to be able to help you.

I founded Superyacht Nanny to support and help more people in the yacht nanny world. My background and industry connections put me at a fantastic position to help you. A few highlights of the last few years have been:

• Private and charter yachts up to 90m in length (tandem charters, motor, sailing, regattas etc.)
• UHNW nanny roles for royals, children with learning challenges and multiples
• Working with a family of six children, all under three years of age
• And of course, extensive international travel to many key yachting destinations

Childcare roles onboard require several years travel nanny experience. Couple this with experience in working with UHNW (ultra high net worth) families. (UHNW is defined as having more than 30 million USD in investable assets. (Smart Asset, 2023)). This is because you will then be familiar with the level of service clients require as well as confident in handling the type of situations that can arise. Also, it means you will have experience in working in fully staffed households, and there is definitely a cross-over of skills needed with working with yacht crew.

If you are onboard as a freelance nanny, meaning you are onboard for the duration of the trip/charter only (this is the type of role I do), you are not considered crew, instead are a supernumero and so will be added to the guest list. Hence, STCW’s (basic seafaring requirement) and ENG1 (seafarers medical) are not required, although a medical is handy to have and some yachts will require it.

Written and telephone references are so important, for recruiters and clients, it is really important to have these to understand better who you are as a childcarer and your competencies.

Childcaring qualifications are important and valued by clients, but experience also goes a really long way. Additional qualifications such as lifeguarding, teaching, languages are also well considered.

If you’d like more information – explore my comprehensive job guide – it covers in a lot more detail how to find work and set yourself up for a successful career as a superyacht nanny. It covers where to find work, interview tips and checklists, CVs, portfolios, contracts and more!