Crafting Unforgettable Memories Onboard a Superyacht Charter with Your Children


Embarking on a superyacht charter with your little ones promises a world of adventure and unforgettable moments. Ella, a seasoned superyacht nanny, generously shares her top tips to ensure your family’s maritime escapade is nothing short of magical.

  1. Early Planning for Childcare Bliss

The first decision to make is whether to bring a nanny on board. Ella, with her wealth of experience, recommends considering a freelance nanny for expert childcare tailored to the unique setting of a superyacht. Having a professional onboard not only guarantees a watchful eye but also opens up possibilities for parents to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation.

  1. Tailor Your Day for Maximum Fun

To make the most of your time on the high seas, Ella suggests establishing a routine that combines excitement and leisure. Start your day with invigorating water sports, taking advantage of the pristine calm waters. Whether it’s jet skiing, paddle boarding, or even a thrilling ride tubing, mornings filled with aquatic adventures set the stage for a fab day!

  1. Afternoon Tranquillity with Indoor Activities

After the sun-drenched morning, transition into a peaceful afternoon with indoor activities. Ella recommends crafting a cosy corner for imaginative or engaging in creative arts and crafts. This provides a perfect balance, allowing the children to unwind while still fostering their creativity. Additionally, it gets little ones out of the mid-day scorching sun, helping to keep sunburn away. A well-thought-out routine ensures that the little ones have ample time for rest, ensuring they wake up ready for the next day’s adventures.

  1. Flexibility is the Key to Joyful Memories

While routines are essential, Ella advises keeping a flexible mindset. Superyacht adventures often present unexpected opportunities, from dolphin sightings to secluded beach excursions. Embrace these moments, allowing your children to experience the sheer joy of spontaneous discovery.

  1. Capture the Moments

Lastly, Ella emphasizes the importance of capturing these precious moments. Whether through photos, a travel journal, or a creative project, documenting your family’s superyacht journey ensures that these memories will last a lifetime. This creates a treasure trove of recollections that they can revisit and cherish for years to come.

Incorporating these tips into your superyacht charter experience promises not just a vacation but a voyage filled with laughter, exploration, and memories that will forever hold a special place in your family’s heart. I hope you have the most amazing time with your loved ones onboard.

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