5 tips on how to find a job as a superyacht nanny

Children on yacht

Superyacht nanny roles are an exciting niche aspect of the travel nanny role. From my years of experience in the industry and on sail and motor yachts (up to 85m), here are my top tips!

  1. Make sure your CV is absolutely fantastic. Showcase why you are the perfect nanny for the role. (CV support here). Clearly highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications in an appealing and concise way. If you are putting a photo on your CV, I recommend you use the yachting CV format, and have a smiley yet professional headshot.
  2. Network! A lot of these roles are from word of mouth – get chatting to people in the industry and let them know that you are looking for these roles.
  3. Connect with the right agencies, both land-based private staff recruitment agencies and yachting agencies. You don’t need to be registered with each one, choose a few which advertise the type of roles you are interested in and nurture relations with them. Don’t pester them, but do check-in and call sometimes to create personal relations with agents.
  4. Join the yachting Facebook groups, keep an eye out for roles here. These groups are a wealth of knowledge and industry insight. You also will catch a lot of the yachting ‘lingo’ here. I recommend Antibes Yacht Crew, Palma Yacht Crew and Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew.
  5. Interviews are so important, showcase how brilliant you are as a nanny!
  • Be somewhere quiet with a non-chaotic background and good internet connection as most are online.
  • Be on time, be confident you know the meeting link will open and work.
  • Be prepared and know your answers to the questions they are likely to ask.
  • Research the destination of the role briefly, so you can add relevant activity and ideas and show your pro-activeness.
  • Remember: You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you, be prepared with questions you want to ask.
  • Thank them for their time at the end.

I really hope you have found these tips have been helpful

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