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I’m Ella, a superyacht nanny with oodles of industry experience and I’m here to help you!

Specialising in onboard childcare, I love helping nannies and stews create the extra special moments for families on their yacht charter.

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Charter Guide

With so many elements taking a family charter from good to amazing – my mission is to work with you to create the perfect onboard nanny experience for the little ones, their parents and you!

Let me support you through coaching, templates, my guides pack and the range of bespoke support services I offer.

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Coaching for Nannies

Perfect for nannies who want to raise their offering whilst supporting families onboard. With land based nannying a very different ball game to what is required onboard, I am here to help you become a pro yacht nanny (and one who keeps getting repeat bookings!)
The support I provide is bespoke to you, with a focus on exactly where you need the most guidance.


Support for stewardesses

Developed for superyacht stews keen to learn how to create incredible experiences for family charters and the children who come aboard. Knowing only too well how it feels to have your first family charter, my guides, templates, bespoke treasure maps and consulting sessions are here to help.

Superyacht Nanny

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Superyacht Nanny

Superyacht Nanny is the destination for nannies and stewardesses taking care of little people and family related charters.

Always happy to share my knowledge, experience, and insights, Superyacht Nanny has been formed to help you create those magical moments onboard and ensure you are prepped for every curve ball that might come your way.

Having helped a host of nannies and stews become confident with kids onboard, this is what they say:


The coaching was so in-depth, and Ella made sure to answer any questions that I had

Nanny Alice

She gave me so much useful information

Nanny Beth

Ella clearly loves helping people and is so knowledgeable, she shares so much great advice and none of my questions felt too silly to ask

Nanny Georgia

Ella was patient, kind, and most importantly fun. She could be trusted to make sure the kids were not only safe on our trip but that they were enjoying their days.

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Superyacht Nanny

Blog & Articles

AVAILABLE FOR WORKHello!I have few pockets of availability this summer, so I thought I would share here that you can still book me! (I know there are lots of chief stews and brokers following!)I’m an expert superyacht nanny with oodles of experience onboard (both in childcare roles and as a stewardess). I take gentle, caring approaches to child care and follow through with systems implemented by family and full-time nannies to ensure calm and continuity for the children in my care. I am adaptable and am very much a team player I am happy to lead, but also to follow.Previous work highlights have included:
- tandem charters (both MY over 70m)
- Rolex regatta, racing with my charge
- Lots of water sports and slidesWhat clients have said about me:Ella was patient kind and most importantly fun. She could be trusted to make sure the kids were not only safe on our trip but that they were enjoying their days. - Mother of 4 and 7 year oldsFrom the moment we met Ella it was clear that she possesses a unique and extraordinary love for children. Her warmth and genuine affection for our nine-month-old were immediately evident which put us at ease and allowed us to fully enjoy our vacation knowing that our daughter was in the best hands possible. - Mother of 9 month oldIf you would like to discuss my services and how I can support on a family charter, please get in touch via DM or email - ella@superyachtnanny.coMany thanks and best regards,
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I am thinking to host a friendly, laid back zoom session where we can chat, get to know each other better, discuss work things and help each other with queries etc.It isn't going to be formal, its just nice to build community! It's for everyone- agencies, nannies, people interested in the industry, stews - everyone!Please vote for your preferred time and time!
Do you need childcare support on an upcoming trip or charter?I have a network of the very, very best nannies, mannies,  maternity nurses and childcarers! From lifeguarding qualifications, to Norlanders and a lot in between (especially lots of wonderful multi lingual nannies) - I am sure I can help!Please get in touch with me here (dm) or via email at to find out more on how I work and how I can be service to you.Ella 🌊#superyachtnanny #superyacht #yachtnanny #vipnanny #childcareonboard #yachtlife #superyachtstew #familycharter #crew #uhnwnanny #familytrip #luxurychildcare #chartersupport #yachtnursery #vipfamilyhelp #yachtstewardesss #familycharter #charterprep #yachting #nannycoach #childcarehelp #childcaresupport #yachtchildcarehelp #yachting
Slide safety!
A lot of larger yachts have slides (from one of the higher decks into the sea).
These are really great fun but obviously come with some serious safety considerations.
The biggest of these being adults sliding down with children between their legs. This is a recipe for broken bones if their little legs get caught under yours whilst going down.
I've found the best option is to go down first, then be nearby in the water to greet the child as they slide down. If you both really want to slide down together, put them on your lap, so they have no contact with the slide!
I hope this is helpful - any questions, please pop them below.
(Image from @FunAir)#superyachtnanny #superyacht #yachtnanny #vipnanny #childcareonboard #yachtlife #superyachtstew #familycharter #crew #uhnwnanny #familytrip #luxurychildcare #chartersupport #yachtnursery #vipfamilyhelp #yachtstewardesss #familycharter #charterprep #yachting #nannycoach #childcarehelp #childcaresupport #yachtchildcarehelp #yachting
What is the most exciting part of the job?I personally love the variety involved in the role – from private jet travel (to the yacht), taking little ones for Italian gelato and winding down with a bedtime story after a laughter filled day in the sunshine are just beautiful experiences to be involved in.I truly love what I do! 💚
#superyachtnanny #superyacht #yachtnanny #vipnanny #childcareonboard #yachtlife #superyachtstew #familycharter #crew #uhnwnanny #familytrip #luxurychildcare #chartersupport #yachtnursery #vipfamilyhelp #yachtstewardesss #familycharter #charterprep #yachting #nannycoach #childcarehelp #childcaresupport #yachtchildcarehelp #yachting